365 Days of Blog To Book Deals
Day 9: Telephone Number of the Day


By rolling a 10-sided die 10 times, I will generate a phone number somewhere in the US. I will call that phone number and ask them if they have Prince Albert in a can, posting the hilarious results here. (June will be “Is Your Refridgerator Running?” Month.)

Day 8: An Apple A Day

apples 2

I’m going to eat an apple a day to test the old adage.

(Not all blog-to-books can be The Bloggers Karamazov. What about the Da Vinci Code readers?)

Day 7: Virtual Tourist


I plan to visit all the countries of the world (assuming there are exactly 365 of them) and post about my experiences. Until my blog-to-book deal comes to fruition, though, I won’t have the money to visit these countries for real. Expect a lot of flickr-harvested photos and copy-pasta from Wikipedia.

Day 6: 52 Anti-Flavors

Creamery ice cream flavors

Every week for the next year, I’ll be writing a series of posts based on the anti-flavor of the week. That anti-flavor will be the flavor that I am avoiding for the whole week. The content will be roughly along these guidelines:

Monday’s post: Identifying the anti-flavor and initial thoughts and apprehensions for that week.

Wednesday’s post: An “I’m still alive” post updating everyone on the anti-flavor of the week.

Friday’s post: An apology that I didn’t really have much to say about avoiding curry. I don’t even eat curry normally.

Day 4: BanDAY’d

Every day for a year, I’ll wear a bandaid. Each bandaid will be on another part of my body. I will be accepting guest blogger-to-booker spots during July.

Day 3: One Thousand Meals (And One Hundred More)

Food before Mahjong

Over the next year, I will eat 1000 meals, plus 100 more bonus meals. After each meal, I will regurgitate a minimum of 2000 words full of philosophical insights of interest only to myself (if that). That’s probably too many words for a blog-to-book, but my editor can pare it down.

Day 2: 52 Pants

the trousers

The concept here is that, once a week for the next year, I will wear a different pair of pants. I think this will give a little perspective on the culture of pants as well as the plight of pantslessness around the world.

Day 1: Key A Day


I’m going to eat a keyboard key every day. I realize a standard keyboard only has 102 keys, but if I don’t have a book deal in 3 months, I’m definitely going to start a new blog-to-book.